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At EZMed Inc., we believe that knowing what's in the packaging is important!
There are many harmful chemical additives added to the packaging of everyday products.

We research extensively, going the extra mile to provide safer packaging for our products that you can count on!

Package Opening

PureWet wipes do not contain the following in its packaging:

Lab Worker

NO: Latex


NO: Phthalates 

NO: Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) 


We adhere to strict manufacturing guidelines to provide you with our No Packaging List. However, manufacturing is detailed and complicated; cross-contamination can and may occur. We work closely to avoid, control, monitor, and report any incidences that we encounter. Our partners have been validated and follow up-to-date quality assurance and compliance protocols that have been put in place by governing agencies such as the FDA and/or Health Canada. 

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